Monday, June 2, 2008

Because You Can Never Have Enough Cuteness

For those interested (and everyone should be) here is the link to Puppies Behind Bars. Its pretty much the best charity ever. And I'm not sure the cuteness of this program was fully explained last time. The premise is that puppies are given to inmates to train. They live with the inmates in their cells and they work with the dogs to train them to be helper animals - for people with disabilities, especially war veterans. This also helps the inmates learn a trade, learn to love something, have responsibility, all those good things. Its pretty ingenious. With Tony Soprano's help, they are trying to raise $100,000 for their DogTags program to get more puppies to help disabled vets - if they reach that goal, an anonymous donor will match it with another $100,000. So consider this a plea from RNS, give $5 or $10 or $100 to Puppies Behind Bars to help puppies, inmates and vets. Its a triple play. A no brainer. A million other cliches. Oh, and if you don't, the terrorists may win. No one wants that.


vodka tonic said...


i can see you are a good person, but have you thought about the hell these seeing-eye dogs and other are put through. obedience training to the extreme is no fun for the is will sapping. and seeing-eye dogs have miserable lives. dogs were not designed to be servile monkeys.

i know the flip side is a good cause. inmates probably learn to love and who doesn't want to help blind / disabled people, but it's not worth it. see things from the animal's perspective. they have souls too.


Mrs. Exnicios said...

Thanks for your comments but its been shown that dogs like to have jobs. I think training and using dogs to their full potential is good for all involved, dogs and humans. Many dogs exhibit poor behavior because they are bored and their minds unstimulated. I most certainly believe animals have souls - its why I support animal charities so much. My cat Bailey agrees too - though she chooses not to have a job, not because it is cruel, simply because she enjoys the luxury of setting her own schedule.