Monday, June 2, 2008

Too Much Excitement For One Blog

I know its been two weeks since the fantastical endings to both DWTS and Idol. I know I haven't blogged as I promised about these, but it was a lot of tv all at once and then I had house guests (who don't watch reality tv?!) and so here I am. I am writing while watching the Lost finale, because even though its the Monday after, I still haven't seen it.

But let's be quick about it and talk about some of the season finales this year.

- Idol - I declared I was on Team Cook and I was very happy that he did win. I think he has the possibility to be a great Idol. And I am sure that little "Archie" will do just fine with second place.

- DWTS - Yes, Kristi was the best dancer, but I thought Jason was the more entertaining. And Adorable. I guess its reality viewers like me who keep the male winning streak alive.

- The Office - I'm not really allowed to say much about this because my husband hasn't seen it - he has a thumb drive full of tv on its way - but I thought it was pretty good, classic Office. The Kevin plot line almost made me pee my pants.

- HIMYM - It was good, but I kinda wish it was like Lost and we had an end point in sight so you knew that you'd find out who Ted marries.

-Grays - I keep saying I need to break up with this show. This episode proved no different. It was lousy, Meredith is annoying. Don't get me started on Izzy.

- Lost - You knew who survived, so why was it so devastating to watch the others die. (others, little "o", not Others big "O".) And Caleb Nichol, you are evil no matter what your accent is. Oh, Ben - you are Dan Scott evil. Actually thats not even close to the truth. You are like Dan Scott, Caleb Nichol, British Caleb Nichol, Chuck Bass and Oliver Trask evil - all in one.

- Gossip Girl - This show is crying out for a summer season. Who doesn't want to know what is happening? In actuality, it should be like a webcam, on all the time.

We'll see what sort of summer season we have to look forward to - two more (maybe three with a reunion) for Top Chef. Couple of weeks for Next Food Network Star. Another season of My Life on the D List. Good news is - next time DWTS is on, my husband will be home to watch it Lii-i-i-i-i-ve!


Julie said...

I'm not sure why I keep watching Grey's Anatmoy either. I keep assuring Nick I will stop, he hates the narrating.

Tara said...

Loved the Kevin plotline stinkin' funny! Cool idea about sending your hubby tv shows on a thumb drive. I'll have to remember that next time mine is deployed (although I hope there won't be a next time!)

I broke up with Grey's at the beginning of this past season...when Mer and Der decided they just wanted to have sex and not date. That bugged me so I left and haven't looked back.