Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Things I can't wait to do when my husband gets home #14 & 15

#14 - Commute - This one may be a pipe dream, but a good number of the jobs my husband is applying to are in the same area as my job. That means we could commute in together, never have to sit next to a stranger on the bus and have obnoxious whispered conversations, then giggle while looking at people on the bus. (That's right annoying couple in front of my Tuesday night. Not only did you make the bus late, but you were annoying on the bus.) I promise we won't be annoying.

#15 - Have lunch. This goes along with the above one, if his job is in the same vicinity as mine we can meet for lunch or go for walks or just have a reason to escape the office for a little bit. I also think I will try to make my husband come into the District for lunch while he is on leave. No reason he can't meet me for a sandwich across the street. I worry left to his own devices my husband would develop a rather wide no pants radius, a la How I Met Your Mother.

Monday, September 29, 2008


This post is only a week late, but since their were three episodes last week, it seems a lot later. I’ll be honest, there are a lot of contestants this time around, though two have already been eliminated. I think they should do more of a front push then once they get the dead weight gone, they can maybe have once every other week eliminations with the good stars. That’s just my thought.
Another side note, Monday is a tivo traffic jam. I actually have to watch DWTS in between MNF. It’s a toss up, though I don’t think I care much about this week’s MNF game and so I think I can give my full attention to DWTS. Once my husband is home though, I think the words "Don’t. . . care much about this week’s MNF game" will probably disappear from my vocabulary.
Here’s my quick run down of the cast - its quick not just because there are so many but because they all are really like F List stars. I am not even sure D list is the right term for them. Except for you Lance. You’re pretty A list.

Cody Linley - apparently he’s on Hannah Montana. I’m unamused. I am sure he will stick around much longer than I care for because of the teeny bopper vote. (How old do I sound?) I like Julianne so at least its not super annoying. Maybe Miley Cyrus will come on and sing that song. You know the one.

Rocco DiSpirito - I feel kinda bad for him because he’s sunk to this level. Some may say he sunk to that level during the second season of The Restaurant. Or when he starting hawking Bertolli frozen pasta meals on Top Chef. I’m just saying you don’t even see Rachael Ray doing this stuff, let alone Eric Ripert or some other real chef.

Toni Braxton - I really don’t have much to say. She dances well, seems nice, is the requisite handicapped individual for the season (heart condition). I don’t think she’ll have the fan base to go too far, despite being pretty good.

Maurice Green - too many athletes this season. I like Cheryl so I won’t mind this pair, but its just hard for me to get excited about someone who is in a little watched sport. And apparently paid a Mexican discus thrower $10000 for something sketchy. Hmmm.

Brooke Burke - again not really famous for anything exciting. Has a lot of kids. By a lot of husbands. Or one husband and then other men. I haven’t actually seen her dance yet, but I hear she is very good. Still, I’m bored.

Ted McGinley - sorry Ted, you’ve already been eliminated. He was ok. One of those guys who you have to IMDB to figure out where you know him from. Did appear as part of the Sorkin mafia on both SportsNite (Gordon) and West Wing (the tv talk show host, Mark). He was also the captain of the water polo team at Newport Harbor High School. Yeah, you can’t make that up.

Lance Bass - really, this is the best you could do DWTS? (no offense Lance) I love N’Sync, but still, it’s a little sad they couldn’t even pull in another 90210 star. I know Tori Spelling isn’t doing anything right now. Out of sheer lack of interest in the others, I will be cheering for Lance. That and I always admire the courage of someone like him to be honest about their lifestyle when they know it will just make things more difficult in their career. (Or maybe its easier when you are in a boy band.)

Cloris Leachman - she’s pretty nutsy. But she keeps it interesting, so that’s something. I will be interested to see how long the keep her around. I do think Corky is a pretty awesome partner for her, he seems like he can handle her nutsiness.

Jeffrey Ross - also already eliminated. Which honestly he had to see coming. Its been the role of all of these comedians to get eliminated pretty early - though I guess Corolla and Penn Gillette made it a little further than the first week.

Kim Kardashian - This is the only time I acknowledge her presence. She is 1) not a star, 2) not pretty, 3) not good at dancing and 4) really really really dumb. She was discussing back stage at one point that she is really shy and this was difficult for her. I would have guessed that, what with the reality show and sex tape. Maybe she should dance naked and it would help loosen her up a bit. I am also happy she is paired with Mark who I also can’t stand. An early exit will make me very happy. Ok, we never mention this pair again.

Susan Lucci - I love Susan Lucci, but this just makes her look so old and frail. At least Cloris Leachman has a schtick and she makes it work for her. But Susan is so tiny, and meek. Channel Erica Cane. Be Erica Cane. And really, eat a sandwich.

Misty May-Treanor - I think I OD’d on her over the Olympics. The Olympics were on while I was moving and not working yet so I could watch daytime coverage, which was often beach volleyball and it seemed like unlike other sports that started and stopped throughout the 16 days, that this just kept going and going. And they would always talk about Misty and how she was going to play and when she was playing and how she won last year. I got it. She plays beach volleyball. Awesome. So sorry, I am Misty May-Treanor’ed out.

Warren Sapp - a pleasant surprise I think he is actually not a bad dancer. The word on the street - and by street I mean Chris Cooley’s blog - is that he is not very nice. Not nice to Kym, not nice to the stage crew, etc. I would hate to think that is true, because he just seems like such a cuddly teddy bear with his family in the audience, but really, Chris Cooley has absolutely no reason to lie to us.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Things I Can't Wait To Do When My Husband Comes Home #12 and 13

#12 - Go for Walks. We live in this awesome area for walking. We are next door to the National Cemetery. We can walk to Whole Foods. We can walk to the waterfront, we can walk to a ton of great restaurants including two of my favorites - Farrah Olivia and Restaurant Eve. We can walk for coffee, we can walk for pizza, thai, yarn, Afghan rugs, bridal gowns, Trader Joe's wine, the list goes on. We can also walk to the George Washington trail which takes us all the way to Mount Vernon. I really do try to walk, on sunny weekends, go for a stroll, take advantage of my location and get some of that Vitamin D from the sun. But it often ends in me dejectedly sulking back home, annoyed at the number of couples out for a similar stroll, with dogs or babies or just happily holding hands thinking how the many many ways they can spend their Saturdays together. I usually start muttering under my breath about people avoiding their civic duty or enjoying the freedom my husband won for them or something like that. Its hard. Its hard to see everyone around you doing the small silly things that you want to do, but can't. Things that you have never been able to do because of fate's sense of humor. So I am really excited to start being one of those couples without a care in the world, trying to decide if they want coffee now or later or who is going to wait outside the antique store with the dog.

#13 - Go on a Culinary Tour of the Greater Washington Area. As mentioned above, we live so close to so many awesome restaurants and only a short metro ride away from hundreds more. With the DC area becoming quite the foodie haven, I can't wait to start exploring more with my husband. We can't highly recommend Restaurant Eve enough - where we celebrated our first anniversary (two months after the fact) and hope that everyone gets the opportunity to check out their tasting room at least once in their lives. I want to take my husband to Farrah Olivia, which is a stone's throw from our place and also fabulous. There are new restaurants going up in this area everyday, including a new cupcake place! Its all so very exciting to think of simply having a Friday dinner out with my husband in the very near future.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Things I Can't Wait To Do When My Husband Comes Home #10 & 11

They seem to come in pairs.

#10 - Eat delicious and elegant chicken salad - because who can think of anything better? Who wouldn't like delicious and elegant chicken salad? Communists probably.

#11 - Get a puppy - no surprise. We are so close to puppy ownership; I've been looking for day care, located a free puppy crate, preparing to buy baby gates. Its all so close. I am especially looking forward to my husband's leave time when he gets home so he can walk the puppy down to the bus stop to meet me everyday. Little puppy all excited to see her mommy, jumping around, wanting to give puppy kisses. Awesomeness in puppy form.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Things I Can't Wait To Do When My Husband Gets Home #8 & #9

#8 - Cook dinner. I enjoy cooking a great deal but I lack the motivation to cook much for myself. Its also difficult to cook for yourself, knowing whatever you are making you will have to eat for the next 7 days. (I know you can freeze it, but when I moved, I brought with me two frozen things of chicken cacciatore and one of taco soup. That stuff adds up in the freezer.) My dinners usually entail some sort of Morningstar Veggie product (such as a veggie burger, veggie buffalo wings or veggie rice cake.) and then some steamed veggies. Honestly, I try to think about what I've eaten for dinner over the last year and I have no idea. Soups. Cheese and crackers. Eggs. All very sad made for one quick meals. Oh, and a lot of take out sushi. I know that some of these meals will come back when my husband is home - we won't have time or inclination to cook every night, but even if its just on Sundays and sometimes Thursdays, I am really excited to dusting off my cookbooks and starting making real meals again.

#9 - Share chores. Yes, I know people who live on their own do their own chores all the time. I've lived by myself for 7 years now, I know that. But I've been married for over a year now. I did my husband's taxes. Hell, I redid his 2006 taxes even. Doesn't taking on that added responsibility of marriage mean that someone else can clean the cat's box once in a while? Or vacuum? I have to say, my husband is really good at chores. He cleans the cat's box much more often than I see necessary, he doesn't let dirty dishes mount up in the sink because he is too lazy to put away the clean ones in the dishwasher, he puts away clean laundry less than a week after doing it. These are the good influences I need in my life. I don't expect him to do all of them, but I hope his enthusiasm for this type of stuff and willingness to do - and not put it off for another day - will make it easier and more likely that I too will complete daily chores. (Unless I can convince B-cat that since she makes the mess, she really should clean the litter box herself.)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Let Bartlett Be Bartlett

I am completely against the school of thought that attacks Sarah Palin for being "less than elite" - that is attending a state school, liking to hunt, going to Church. I mean, I may not have much in common with her or her beliefs, but I also don't think using those sort of things as a litmus test is, well, elitist. It kinda disgusts me.

All that said - Maureen Dowd's reference to Letting Bartlett Be Bartlett made me happy. That's all the Obama campaign needs. . . Toby. (And maybe Josh. I mean Josh got Jimmy Smits elected and that is really the same as getting Obama elected, isn't it?)

Things I Can't Wait To Do When My Husband Comes Home #3, 4, 5, 6, 7

I've been away in sunny Orlando for an exciting Government Ethics conference so I will be catching up on all of the exciting things I can't wait to do when my husband comes home in this one post.

#3 - Hang Pictures - there are at least 7 boxes of pictures that need to be hung up in our new apartment but I have decided to "hide" them behind the couch until my husband comes home for a couple of reasons. One, he has a better eye than I do for these things. Two, he would redo it anyway when he gets home. I look forward to helping him do complex math equations to figure out where the Colorado wildflowers should go.

#4 - Sharing Kitty Cuddles - I love B-cat a lot. That said, I probably love her a little less at 6am when she decides that she must have breakfast right now. I look forward to sharing 6am kisses and snuggles, and maybe even convincing her that someone other than Mommy can give her breakfast.

#5 - Grocery Shopping - I enjoy grocery shopping, but its more fun with two people, especially because my husband's penchant for shopping like he's still in college - we end up with a lot of cereals that involve small multi colored marshmallows.

#6 - No Longer Answer Questions - I know people want to know when Andrew will be home and are concerned for both of us and excited that he will be home soon - but I probably answer the same questions about 3 times a day. Yes, my husband is coming home soon, yes, it is still on schedule, no I don't know the exact date, yes I do talk to him most days, yes I am incredibly lucky. (That's always my favorite, discussing how "lucky" we are.)

#7 - Talking About Things As I Think Of Them - We get to talk about once a day and then by email - but I have a tendency to think of things during the day and think to myself, hmm I should talk to Andrew about that. And then he calls around 10pm that night and all that remains is the thought that there was something that I meant to talk to him about, but no memory of what that is - and he inevitably gets distracted by whatever is on Dr. Phil that night.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Things I Can't Wait to Do When My Husband is Home #2

Watch football. Since meeting my husband I have become a huge football fan - thanks in no small part to our couple's fantasy football league in which I am ultra competitive. I now stalk kickers in the hope that they help propel me to victory and know random stats about players whose position I did not even know the name for 4 years ago. Living on the West Coast, its easy to spend a lazy Saturday or Sunday in bed watching football - its starts earlier. The first college game is on at 9am CA time and the first pro game is on at 10am. So you can simply roll over, grab the remote and there is football. This helped to promote my football habit too - realizing this is entirely how my husband intended to spend many of our weekends together. That said, it has resulted in a shared passion - one that we continue by watching games "together" over the phone and strategizing over my poor, sad, weakened and depleated fantasy team this year. After spending 90 min on the phone watching Monday Night Football last night, I was so excited to think that in just few weeks' time, Andrew would be in bed next to me talking about how stupid DeSean Jackson is, instead of over telephone lines.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Things I Can't Wait to Do When My Husband Comes Home #1

As the days slo-o-w-ly wind down and we get closer to when my husband comes home, I hope to try to post one thing a day that I am excited about doing then, much like my to do list discussed below. Don't worry, I know DWTS starts soon, and I promise to give that the amount of attention it deserves. (The jury is still out on OTH this season. I kinda want to throw in the towel but I remember how it has been my friend for so much of this deployment, and so I am trying to stick it out.)

So today, what I cannot wait to do when my husband comes home is have a hug. Its one of those small things that I miss so much - a hug before leaving for work, or coming home at the end of the day, not to mention when bigger things happen. I just want a hug. To say hi, to say I missed you, to say I am never going anywhere again. I know it will improve my mood about 300% as soon as I get that first hug.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

To Do List

Before I get started, this is the 100th post for RSN. Celebratory whoops all around.

We have reached the point in this deployment when we can say that my husband will be home next month. In a little over 30 days he will be enjoying our new sofa with the cat and me. (Hopefully the episode of SNL we will be watching then will be better than the one I am currently watching.) The point is, that's pretty awesome.

I'm starting to put together a list of things to do when he gets home - not just exciting newlywed things like fancy dinners, leisurely walks to Old Town, getting a puppy (!) - but also mundane things like organizing book shelves and DVDs. Its also a slightly awkward period of time because its close enough for some things to wait for my husband's return, but others seem inappropriate. For instance - can the laundry wait until he is home so I do not have to go to the basement on my own? Probably not. Can I wait to brush the cat's teeth until he is home? That kitty breath will probably be pretty strong by then. Can I wait to return items to Ikea? YES! Woo hoo! I do not have to go to Woodbridge or walk through Ikea or resist the urge of Chick-Fil-A on my own.

Its an exciting and anxious time in the Exnicios household and I am looking forward to my husband's to do list growing over the next few weeks.

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Long Season Ahead of Us

As I settled in to watch the first weekend of the 2008 NFL season, I really could not have been happier.  I am a huge Pats fan, a huger Tom Brady fan and this was the season that the Pats revenged their heartbreaking Super Bowl collapse and made it all happen.  And then 7:58 into the first game of the season - the first game of the day! - Tom Brady was down.  I didn't even get to see the only playing time Brady would get this season because whoever programs the greater DC football broadcasts decided watching Brett "Giant Loser and Should Go Away" Favre was more important.  I will always be sorry I couldn't be there for my Tommy.  Its been a tough week, but I am throwing my full confidence behind Matt Cassel.  I am, this is how we found Tom Brady, right?  Right??  Anyway, my husband sent me this link to the ESPN Sport's Guy column and it did cheer me up - or at least helped to know that my devastation is shared by many. 

PS I totally called Matt Cassel the new Matt Saracin way earlier than this post appeared.  

PPS Can I still wear my Brady jersey??

Musings on the 11Y

As I get settled in my new job and home, I am also settling into a new commuting routine.  Instead of driving or taking the metro, I take the bus.  At first I was hesitant of this new mode of transportation, but I have since grown to love it.  First of all, the commute could not be easier.  I walk four blocks to my bus stop, which makes a straight shot down the Parkway to the 14th St bridge and into DC to drop me off at 14th and F.  So long as I catch the right bus, usually around 8am, I am able to get a seat no problem.  I have recently discovered the perfect commuting mix of entertainment.  I can’t read on the bus, I get terrible motion sickness in my old age, but I can listen to books on tape on my Ipod.  While doing that, I knit.  Its pretty fantastic and allows me to get in about an hour of knitting in my commuting time alone.  Its also very relaxing and I am able to sort of block out the commute until we hit certain landmarks I know as close to my stop and I have to start putting things away.  My favorite things about the bus, besides its ease and entertainment, are the friendliness of everyone and the orderliness (is that a word?).  A bus is a lot smaller than a metro car, only fits about 60 people or so, so if you are routinely taking the same time buses, you tend to see the same people.  People ask about you when you aren’t on the normal bus and people ask if I finished that sock I was knitting last week.  It’s fun to see what people are reading as well - from the latest nonfiction DC-ish work to The Firm, which I didn’t think there was anyone who still had not read The Firm. The orderliness has to do with lining up and keeping the integrity of the line and ensuring that we line up in order of arriving at the bus stop.  At my evening bus stop there are about 4 buses that pick up there - and a complicated line system has developed, but it seems to work with little drama.  I am sure there will be more tales from the 11Y bus as I continue to commute, an exciting prospect, I know. 

Gone Radio Silent

Hi everyone, 

Sorry for the break in blogging - things got busy with the new job and new place and all.  Plus the three days of requisite mourning for the end of Tom Brady’s season. In good news, we have the start of not one, not two, but three fabulous teen dramas on tv - Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and 90210.  I have been disappointed in OTH this season - evil Nanny Carrie again? Really? - but Gossip Girl has not failed to produce.  I’ve only seen the season premiere of 90210, this week’s episode is awaiting me on my Tivo, but its been fun even just to 

go OMG its Kelly Taylor, OMG its Brenda, hey that’s Andrea’s kid, etc.  Which side note, if that is Andrea’s kid, why isn’t Andrea like friends with Kelly and all and they share stories of single parenthood? 

The move went well, in no small part to the awesome unpacking efforts of my father.  I have only 5 more boxes to unpack (mostly shoes and purses) and then a ton of organizing to do.  A large part of that will wait until my husband comes home, so that 

we can go through the nesting act together.  Which even if that means there are Nora Roberts books on the same shelf as the Vonneguts, I will try to survive. (PS do not tell my husband that.) 

Last weekend I had the pleasure of seeing my husband’s friends Megan, her husband Wade and Adam.  I am willing to say we’ve become friends in our own right at this point, especially after the bonding that occurred this past weekend with large mascots at Nationals Park.  The photo below cuts off most of Teddy’s fantasticness but you can at least see

 how huge he is.  No wonder he never wins a race.  I am holding a “Hi Andrew” sign, but the photo sort of bleaches that out. 

Monday, September 1, 2008

Good Times in Quantico

Taking a break from moving today, as we wait for the movers to bring my furniture tomorrow, so my Dad and I went to the National Museum of the Marine Corps. (Yes my husband and I are/were Army, but we are still awaiting the Army museum.) Anyway, if you are in the DC area and have an afternoon, I suggest you check it out. I think its a really well done museum and very interesting - I also think they did a good job of capturing some of the experience of what being in those sort of situations (the best you can do in a museum of course.) So drop by, its free, see how many push ups you can do, what it was like to be in Korea or jump out of a helicopter at Khe Sahn.