Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Travis Henry, We Hardly Knew Thee

The Denver Broncos (probably my third favorite football team) released Travis Henry this week. Travis Henry was not a Basher (that is, a Bailey's Bashers, the perpetual second place fantasy football team) but he was a great player to read about. Henry has had his share of off field issues. It has been said that Henry has nine children by nine women (I'll admit, that number varies depending on the news source.) He has severe issues paying child support to these children, despite having a contract worth $22.5million from the Broncos with a guarantee of $12million. While Henry's story is good newspaper sports gossip fodder, it is sort of sad to see someone with a good amount of promise unable to break free from their past. Henry was suspended for much of the season last year appeal a drug test that came back positive. He was also suspended while on the Titans for violating the drug policy there. We'll miss you Travis Henry, and we wish you the best. Maybe you'll find your niche somewhere, along with a good financial adviser and life coach.

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