Monday, June 9, 2008

Chris Cooley, The Cooley Zone and Other Search Terms That Make My Blog More Google Attractive

So Google can tell me what search words lead people to my blog. The overwhelming number one search term that brings people to my blog? Chris Cooley. Yeah. (Note that he has only recently surpassed Lorenzo Lamas. Seriously.) Chris Cooley and Cooley Zone related searches have brought over 38 viewers to my blog - which may not seem like a lot, but its not like I have the readership numbers of the Washington Post.

Anyway, in honor of that, here is a picture from Chris' recent wedding. I don't know how I am not friends with this man. Chris, if you are googling your self, or The Cooley Zone, and happen upon this blog, email me. We can totally hang out. Bring your wife, its cool. I just think we could have fun drinking beer at the Reston Gordon Biersch and watching One Tree Hill. Oh, and dancing only in a tuxedo vest.

Check out Chris Cooley's blog as well - "The Cooley Zone"

This week's Cooley Zone poll asks if they sold Chris Cooley hot pants, would you buy them. I think the better question is, who wouldn't buy them?


Tanner Cooley said...

Hey, just wanted to say that I loved your post. Chris may not be Google searching his name but I am. Very clever writing. Thanks! If you want you can email me at

K.C. said...

I agree. This was incredible writing. Loved it. So funny too. So great with the "One tree Hill" comment. I hope so much that Chris reads this. He will get such a kick out of it! KC