Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lifetime's Army Wives

Army Wives on Lifetime starts a new season tomorrow. As far as Army shows go, well, for our purposes I am not going to get into why Army Wives is about as close to the real Army as Laguna Beach is to the real Army. However, I think that there are some real points that they make about being an Army wife. I know I'm a non-traditional Army wife - I'm active duty, far away from where my husband's unit is located, no children, etc. But the words of a female Major I worked with at Fort Carson ring in my ears when people tell me how non-traditional I am - if something happens to my husband and two men show up at my front door, I'm just a wife who loves her husband and needs help. And that's true of my situation - no matter what I wear to work, I'm still a wife who misses her husband more and more each day. So for that reason, I thought that I might share my "insights" as to how real to life Army Wives is, from an Army wife point of view. Also, my husband recently sent me the book on which the show is based, so I will try to share tidbits from there too.

I know I promised that I wouldn't comment on the lack of real Army in Army Wives, but just one thing - why does the female officer never wear her cover?????

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mdoyle said...

She doesn't look as good in a beret as you do!!!